Florence Clementine is a British illustrator based in London.

Her bold illustrations explore 21st Century British youth culture through traditional influences such as western religious iconography, folk art and tattoo culture. Her work comments on the historical impact of iconography, its place in western consumerism and the influence of branding within the formation of youth subcultures. Political and social references explore the way in which young people in Britain navigate turbulent political times.

Florence‘s work both celebrates 21st Century youth culture, highlighting how struggle and freedom inevitably generate creativity and rebellion, and exploring negative aspects of modern technology, social media and consumerism. 

Her work is heavily influenced by traditional religious iconography, and shows how the branding and consumerism of 21st Century youth identity echo the identifying symbols and dress codes of religious communities. Recognisable icons of faith and prayer have evolved into symbols of consumer identity, while continuing, in their different physical forms, to be revered by humans through adornment, worship and devotion. 

Florence‘s body of work includes illustrations, a collection of branded products available for purchase, and a wide variety of commissioned work.